Making Free Reports Work For You.

Income from home made easy.How to Use Free Reports in Your Site to Promote Your Affiliate Products.

There are several ways in which an affiliate marketer can promote a product on their site. Some promotional styles adopted by marketers are decidedly unusual and eccentric, if not ridiculous. Although such extreme methods may work to promote a product, particularly if you believe that your target market  will be especially receptive to your promotional style, for the better part  promotional methods need not be so extreme in order to work successfully. What is necessary, is that you  establish the best strategy of product promotion for your identified market, and then persist with it, in order to achieve reward for your efforts.

It is generally recognised that in order for an affiliate marketer to achieve sales it is necessary to go beyond a one off promotional exercise and to follow up with newsletters and further promotions of the product .This can be successfully achieved by offerring a free report to the prospective customers.

Prospects will most likely subscribe to your free reports  because they are unsure whether or not they want to purchase the product  or they are interested in finding out more about the product before they commit to a purchase. Either way, your free reports will serve to promote your product and assist in pursuading your prospects that your product is a worthwhile investment.

You might be inclined to think that the content of your free report is the all important ingredient and to some extent this is true. However it is equally important to give careful consideration to the positioning of your free report on your affiliate marketing site. However good is the content of your report, it is going to be  of little  use to you if your prospective purchasers don’t bother to access it . Therefore the effort you employ in positioning your free reports should be as thorough as the effort you employ in preparing them. This article will guide you through the most strategic places for you to position your free reports on your affiliate marketing site.

Attract the Visitors Attention by Positioning a Report at the Top of the Page.

Prospects may not wish to spend a lot of time on your site, and if they have to get to the bottom of a page before the free report is drawn to their attention , you will risk losing their  interest and a future sale is less likely as a result. Place your reports where your prospect buyers can easily see them. Anywhere on the upper part of the page is fine, however, many would suggest that placing free reports on the upper left part of a page is more conspicuous. Place your free reports where they can easily be seen, but aren’t too distracting (too much distraction might lead your prospects to lose interest in your site and not come back).

Think Strategically When Positioning Links to Your Free Reports Within Your Articles.

Take note of the word strategic. Strategy is not synonymous with quantity. It is not advisable to place links to your free reports at the  end of every sentence. Placing 3-5 links to your free reports throughout a 500-word article should be sufficient to catch the interest of the prospect without the overkill. Make sure your links also fit well. It would be such a waste of a good article and good free reports if you don’t know how to position them. Position links to your free reports in a consistent but not bothersome manner.

Providing Links to Your Free Reports on Your Contact Us Page.

The main purpose of a “contact us” page is to enable site visitors to get in touch with the affiliate marketer. In addition, you can place a link on this page to your free reports. This enables the affiliate marketer to contact prospective buyers through these links. It is important to remember that if links are placed in this way the main purpose of the page is to provide visitors with the opportunity to contact the marketer with any questions they may have.

To sum up, where you place your free reports throughout your affiliate marketing site requires strategic planning. The number of links used is also relevant.Too few and prospective buyers may simply overlook them and too many may irritate visitors and end up driving them away from the site. So give time to your planning, it will pay dividends!