Using Newsletters to Promote Your Affiliate Business

Enjoy Making Your Income At Home. If you want to be successful at making an income at home from marketing other companies products, you must first learn how to attract visitors (otherwise known as driving traffic) to your affiliate website. Without getting    traffic to your website you cannot make sales.Newsletters are a very good way of attracting visitors to your site and once you have achieved visitors you can begin to build a mailing list from their email addresses. Weekly or monthly newsletters are then sent to all the addresses on your mailing list.

Most successful affiliates have excellent  newsletters. If you can create an effective newsletter, it will really boost your affiliate business.

Some quick tips to create and run your newsletter successfully:-

1. Be Niche Specific:

If you want your newsletter to have good results and you are looking to make a decent income from it, then your newsletter articles should be specific to your niche. If your niche is scuba divers, avoid publishing articles on web marketing. If your articles are attuned to the product you are trying to sell you are providing the visitor with information they are interested in for free and this in turn will hold their interest in the site even if they do not purchase your affiliate product on their first visit to your site.

2. Write Your Own Articles:

Your articles will be the key to your credibility, expertise and professionalism. The better your articles are the more likely people are to want to revisit your site. The more times someone visits your site the more likely they are to purchase one of your affiliate products which is what affiliate marketing is all about. If you just copy and paste the work of others on your site, then you are promoting others instead of yourself. It is important to be creative and to try and prepare original articles of your own. If you want or find it necessary to put someone else’s article on your site, then you can provide a written introduction to the the article and give the reason why you are adding the article to your newsletter.

If you have difficulty writing your own articles it is best to search the internet for article writing services. In this way you can buy the services of people who can write the articles for you but you will be able to get the credit for writing the article as if you had written it yourself.

3. Publish an Article Weekly:

Publish your newsletter at least fortnightly and best practice would be to publish an article on your newsletter once a week.This will encourage people to visit your site regularly and fairly frequently, optimising the likelehood of them buying your affiliate product.

4. Keep Your Articles Short:

An ideal length for articles is 200-600 words. Longer articles can be split  into two or more articles. Short articles are easier to read and are better at keeping potential customers’ attention.

5. Focus on One Product Each Month:

Select one affiliate product each month to promote during that particular month. Focus your articles on topics related to that particular product. This will encourage your readers to also focus on that one product at a time and become purchasers.


Offer a downloadable incentive each month for your visitors when they return to your site on a predetermined day to ensure more return traffic and possible sales.

If you follow these six steps  you can  grow your affiliate income on a monthly basis from your newsletter. Dont forget to keep a sharp focus on your niche and keep newsletters flowing out at least twice a month.